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2nd Block– A days (Mon., Wed., Fri.)

************ MEET IN ROOM 105 ON WEDNESDAY***************

vocabulary 5 SAT words:  sentences due Friday, 10/16; quiz Thursday, 10/22.

Research skills:  We’ll continue working on evaluating, summarizing, and citing secondary sources.

The House on Mango Street: We’ll begin reading this novel together in class. 

Poetry:  We will continue to analyze poetry in class.

4th Block

vocabulary 8 this week:  sentences due Thursday; quiz Friday.

The House on Mango Street:  we’ll finish reading this book in class this week.

Poetry:  We will be reading and analyzing poetry this week.

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2nd Block A Days (Tuesday/Thursday)

TKAM Literary analysis essay:  Rough draft due on Tuesday– we will be working on peer editing the papers and discussing the Works Cited page.  The final copy, typed and correctly formatted, is due on Thursday.

Poetry:  We will continue reading, dicussing , and analyzing poetry this week.

Research: how to write an annotated bibliography and cite critical sources.  We’ll be working on research skills all semester.

The House on Mango Street:  we’ll begin reading this book in class next week on Monday.

Vocabulary 4: quiz on Thursday 

4th Block

Vocabulary 7 this week: sentences due on Thursday; quiz Friday.

Research:  We’ll finish the annotated bibliography of the TKAM critical article and work on citing it. 

Poetry:  We’ll continue working on our “found” poems in class. We’ll be reading, discussing, and analyzing poems in class. 

The House on Mango Street:  We’ll begin this book together in class on Tuesday.

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**************Reassessment Opportunities*********************

2nd and 4th block:  summer reading– read a novel from the following list and take the alternate assignment on or before December 4th. 

4th Block only:  short story test reassessment– If you would like to re-take the short story unit test, you must turn in the Reassessment Contract by Friday 10/2.


2nd Block– A days (Mon., Wed., Fri.)

SAT vocabulary:  10 new words this week; quiz over 40 words next Thursday.

TKAM literary analysis essay: Outline of body paragraphs due Monday.  We’ll be discussing how to write the essay, including quoting and using transitions.  The rough draft is due on Friday.

Tea Party Project: Rescheduled for Wed. 9/30.

4th Block

No vocabulary this week.

Quoting activity 1-4 due Monday. We’ll discuss how to format a Works Cited page for the literary analysis paper.  The rough draft of the essay is due Wednesday.  Complete Peer Editing and turn in correctly formatted final copy on  Friday.

Tea Party project: rescheduled for Tuesday.

We’ll begin a poetry unit this week.  We’ll also start on our next novel.  Get a copy of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.